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Benefits of Water Softener

Benefits of Water Softener

Benefits of Water Softener | Protect your Hair & Skin, Order Now

Shower filters are a cost-effective, efficient, and easy way to reduce the hardness of your water at home. Hardness is a water quality indicator that is defined as the concentration of specific elements, mainly magnesium and calcium, present in water. Hard water can cause damage to various water-related appliances in your home such as washing machines, showerheads, and taps. It can also cause damage to your hair and skin, causing breakouts, dry skin, or hair loss.

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Since magnesium and calcium are ‘sticky’ minerals, they tend to form layers of limescale on these products and your skin, reducing the lifespan of these items or damaging them entirely. WaterScience uses a four-layer filtration media with various components that work on sequestration and redox reactions. These processes reduce the effects of the hardness of water, making your water safer for use. 

What are the Benefits of Water Softener?

If your water’s hardness is greater than 7 grains per gallon or 120 mg/L, then you might need a water softener to ensure your appliances run well and to improve the taste, smell, or look of your water. Water may look clean – but almost always has contaminants that can cause a range of health issues. Filtered water is the norm for drinking and cooking –  but protection for our hair & skin has largely been ignored.

WaterScience puts cutting-edge science, technology, and research to work to ensure you get the best quality water possible for your family. Products are designed to prevent contaminants before they can do come in contact with your body.  We take pride in knowing that our products protect over 200,000 families from harmful contaminants in water and help them embrace better, healthier hair and skin.

  • Healthier, Softer Skin.
  • Shiny, Strong Hair.
  • Clothes Are Softer and Look Cleaner.
  • Removes Any Unwanted Tastes from Your Drinking Water.
  • Soft Water Is Easier on Your Pipes and Appliances.
  • Softer Water Will Save You Money.

Best Water Softener Products from Water Science

CLEO SFU-1020 Shower & Tap Filter for Hard Water Softening & Chlorine
CLEO SFU-717 Shower & Tap Filter for Hard Water Softening & ChlorineCLEO SFU-1020 Shower & Tap Filter for Hard Water Softening & ChlorineCLEO SFM-419 Multiflow Shower Head Filter for Hard Water Softening & Chlorine
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CLEO SFA-520 Aromatherapy Shower Head Filter for Hard Water Softening & ChlorineCLEO SFR-519 Rain Shower Head Filter for Hard Water Softening & ChlorineKTF-720 Kitchen Tap Filter & Purifier for Sediment Free Water – Pack of 3
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MIZU UTF-921 Universal Tap Filter for Kitchens, Wash Basins & BathroomsInstallation KitIRIS WMF-617 Washing Machine Filter for Protection from Limescales, Hard Water & Sediments
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WaterScience Products
Benefits of Water Softener
Benefits of Water Softener [WaterScience Products]

The final result after these four layers of filtration is safer water for our hair and skin. Although the TDS has not reduced, the effects of hardness have reduced. Since we are changing the chemical composition of the harmful elements, they are still present, however, they are no longer harmful. CLEO filters condition the hardness of your water, making it safer and cleaner for your use. With cleaner water, you will notice lesser to no limescale deposits, the better lather from soaps and shampoos, glowing skin, and hydrated hair!

Benefits of Water Softener and things you can’t Ignore!

Coconut Oil. Hair Fall. Tension. Stress. More Hair Fall. This is what everyone goes through when they first start noticing that their hair is excessively falling. The next step is obviously to go on Google and find the best remedies for hair loss so you can start implementing them in your own life. After applying hair masks, constantly changing your shampoo and conditioner, eating multivitamins, changing your diet, and massaging your scalp every day, there’s still hair fall.

So, what’s the one secret nobody is talking about?

There is one variable we all neglect to look at before spending more money on that new shampoo, one element that we encounter and use daily without thinking twice about – our water supply. Hard water could be a big reason for affecting your hair and skin. Whether you get your water from the standard municipality supply, borewells, or a tanker – the likelihood that you have hard water in your home is high. This water, although safe, is dense with minerals that leave those limescale marks you often see on your taps and showers. They also cause adverse effects on your skin and hair which do not allow them to be at their healthiest.

Better hair and skin begin with better water.

WaterScience [by Shravya Nahar]

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