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Tips on Home Interiors

Amazing Tips on Home Interiors

Congratulations on your new home, we will present with Tips on Home Interiors! We will assist you with the next step—Home Interiors where you create your comfort imagination into reality.

A wide range of selections is available in the market. But for basic understanding, let us make you understand with the types of wood. 

Types of Woods

  • Ply
  • Particle
  • MDF
ParticleBoard / MDF / Plywood

Usually, a client chooses Ply for their Interiors.

Let us brief you on the types of Plywoods [Important Tips on Home Interiors]

  • Commercial Plywood.
  • Moisture resistant Plywood.
  • Boiling water-resistant (BWR) Plywood.
  • Boiling water proof (BWP – high grade in marine ply) Plywood.
  • Wood polymer composite (WPC) Plywood.
types of plywoods
Tips on Home Interiors

We at AEGIS Design Studio use BWP and WPC type products only for kitchen and other water zone area. Rest of the place, we use top-grade moisture-resistant (MR) plywood.

Aegis Design Studio

There is a set standard of working with us, and hence we can deliver a much better product with quality and feel.

Warranty on Products & Hardware

Investing in the right quality products does not give comfortable wear and tear issues. Hence the effect lasts longer. Though the Company provides Ten years warranty, a right branded product rarely provides any fault.

Aegis Design Studio team believes that if a client does not call for any services, then its a success of the company and on the client’s investment. Do not compromise on quality which outputs your dream design.

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